Dare to Take the Next Step in Life and Business

As an entrepreneur, I know that life can be tough with employees, clients, expenses and everything else you deal with on a daily basis. Reaching your goals can sometimes feel like an impossible dream. When you think about your goals the next thought that follows is how much time, effort, and focus it takes to get there – all three of which are in short supply in the life of an entrepreneur. Do you feel stuck in the status quo and trapped in a situation from which you wish to break free?

I am a Certified Co-Active® Coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, and a published author.


Dr. Saleh As Your Certified Coach

Dr. Saleh is a Certified Co-Active® Coach, approved by the International Coach Federation. The coaching relationship is a partnership where you are supported fully and yet in full control of your life and business. In this partnership, a safe space is created and held just for you where you are fully heard and seen without any judgment. During your time with Dr. Saleh, you will discover your to-do action steps along the road to discovering your values, your life’s purpose and what makes life fulfilling for you. Your to-do list then becomes resonant choices that feel natural, instead of a long arduous checklist. By recognizing the true definition of what a fulfilling life is for you, the most resonant path to the desired goals will appear effortlessly while the boundaries naturally fall into place. It’s about the ability to show up and feel fulfilled and complete at any moment, during times of struggle as well as abundance. In coaching, Dr. Saleh gives consideration to all aspects of your life.


Author and Expert in Dental Fear & Anxiety

Bridging the Gap Between Dental Fear & Anxiety and Profitability in Dentistry

The Well-Referred Dentist is the first book written about dental fear & anxiety that addresses the negative impact of these feelings on both the patient and the dentist. Although this book is written for dentists, the concept of fear and anxiety is equally relevant and useful for other health care providers, entrepreneurs and coaches.

In The Well-Referred Dentist you will find a comprehensive resource for identifying those patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety. You will learn not only how to identify but also how to alleviate the emotional charge associated with these negative feelings so that your patients will no longer be triggered every time they walk into your dental office or think about a dental procedure.


Consulting for Dentists –The Business of Dentistry in Real Life.

Are you ready to see your new patient numbers increase and your schedule be full all the time? Dr. Saleh offers razor sharp consulting for dentists who are ready to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently so they can manifest the practice of their dreams into reality.

  • The problem of dental fear and anxiety is no longer present because you know how to help your patients alleviate their fears and anxieties
  • Your patients are loyal and would never think of searching for a better practice to meet their oral health needs
  • Effective communication skills allow for proper understanding between you and your patients
  • Your patients write 5-star reviews for you and refer their family and friends without you asking. Your new patient numbers are better than you ever imagined they could be
  • Patients appreciate your clear financial arrangements and are proactive in taking care of their payments before completing treatment
  • Patients place more value on your recommendations than the limitations of their insurance coverage because they trust you
  • And more …

Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology

Energy medicine techniques such as grounding, centering, developing and trusting your intuition help with resilience, balance, stress reduction, letting go of stress after leaving the office and most importantly, not allowing stress to control you while you’re in your workplace so that you can be the respected leader that you’re meant to be.

Energy psychology methods such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) offer effective ways of correcting improper energy flow within our bodies. They allow us to resolve negative feelings and the accompanying limiting beliefs so that we can overcome our own self-limiting talk and make it possible to live our lives fully with maximum reach and impact.