Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology

Have you ever experienced one or more of these feelings?

  • Spaced out
  • Unable to focus
  • Can’t find your glasses when they’re sitting right on the top of your head
  • Forgetting where you placed your wallet, phone, keys, etc.
  • Walking into a room and forgetting why you are there
  • Not able to make decisions
  • Wanting something but doing the exact opposite

These are just some of the sensations described by clients when their energy is not flowing properly in the right direction. When your energy is not flowing properly it is impossible to feel grounded and centered. Negative feelings such as fear cause energy flow disruptions and, if not resolved, over time will cause physical disease. Negative feelings also create limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward to reach our goals.

Energy medicine techniques such as grounding, centering, developing and trusting your intuition help with resilience, balance, stress reduction, letting go of stress after leaving the office and most importantly, not allowing stress to control you while you’re in your workplace so that you can be the respected leader that you’re meant to be.

Energy psychology methods such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) offer effective ways of correcting improper energy flow within our bodies. They allow us to resolve negative feelings and the accompanying limiting beliefs so that we can overcome our own self-limiting talk and make it possible to live our lives fully with maximum reach and impact.

Energy medicine and energy psychology help return the body to homeostasis or stable balance.

Who Can Benefit From Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology

Negative feelings such as fear and anxiety are not limited to patients only. Similar to the endless waves created by a small pebble thrown into a lake, the impacts of negative feelings are deep and far-reaching. Here are a few examples:

1. Your front office staff has fear around money and abundance, so instead of collecting money from patients, they avoid informing patients about fees and will not collect them, either.

2. A patient with the same fear will likely get unreasonably upset when a bill arrives in the mail.

3. Patients can also have fear around conflict, so instead of calling your office to resolve the matter amicably, they will choose a passive-aggressive approach to avoid conflict by going behind your back and straight to Yelp where they will write a scathing review about you. This is how patients justify themselves as being “right.”

4. They will then find a doctor who has an equal amount of fear about financial matters but in a different way than you. Their new doctor does not collect patient co-pays at all. They know it’s not right, in fact it’s fraudulent, but this is how they win over patients who prefer no out-of- pocket expenses. Some patients, no matter what, are unwilling to change their fears or beliefs and always feel better off with the office down the block who doesn’t collect co-pays.

5. When your back-office team members fear the unknown, they may get triggered when a treatment becomes complicated or requires additional time and money. Instead of being helpful, your dental assistant might freeze and check out, leaving you without support. This can cause a great deal of frustration for you and the rest of your team, as well as the next patient who must now wait to be seen. There are many more examples in Dr. Saleh’s book, The Well- Referred Dentist.

Other examples include:

6. Removing blocks that prevent forward movement in life and business

7. Fear and anxiety of heights, of water etc.

8. Wanting and doing the opposite

9. Pain (chronic)

10. Emotional trauma and abuse

11. Physical trauma and abuse

12. Grief

13. Lack of work-life balance


The information about energy medicine and energy psychology is general, educational information. It is not medical, dental or psychological advice. Energy medicine encompasses a variety of techniques for correcting imbalances within a person’s body. It recognizes the influence of thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the human body, and their importance to our physical, spiritual and emotional health and well-being.

While energy medicine seems to offer positive emotional and physical health benefits, it has yet to be fully vetted by Western medicine, including the academic and psychology communities, who consider it experimental. The State of California does not license energy medicine practitioners and considers energy medicine as alternative or complementary to the healing arts licensed by the State of California.