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If you’re here, you have either read The Well-Referred Dentist or have heard about it. Either way you have the vision and fortitude to recognize that some learning is missing and that, contained in this missed learning is the secret sauce that can take your practice to the next level.

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As a dentist, the secret sauce that is missing in your education, because there was not enough time to learn it in dental school, is identifying the presence of fear and anxiety and its negative impact on your patients.

The Well-Referred Dentist is the first book written about dental fear and anxiety that addresses the negative impact of these feelings on both the patient and the dentist. Although this book is written for dentists, the concept of fear and anxiety is equally relevant and useful for other health care providers, entrepreneurs and coaches.

In The Well-Referred Dentist you will find a comprehensive resource for identifying those patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety. You will learn not only how to identify but also how to alleviate the emotional charge associated with these negative feelings so that your patients will no longer be triggered every time they walk into your dental office or think about a dental procedure.

The book offers a step-by-step program for creating relationships with patients based on trust so that the patient can have confidence in the care you have recommended. These lasting relationships are a win-win for the patient and the dentist as the fears and anxieties felt by the patients are also felt by the dentists who care for them; thereby directly impacting the success of the treatment outcome.

As one reviewer wrote: “being a competent and skillful dentist is not enough; equally as important are the human skills of attuning to and managing people’s needs and feelings - - - - which is not normally taught in dental school.”

"The Fearless Way" Program

In The Well-Referred Dentist, Dr. Saleh shares her proven and effective process for alleviating the triad of obstacles (fears, anxieties, and limiting beliefs) experienced by patients in an easy to follow step-by-step program. You will learn how to:

  • Quickly recognize the hidden signs of fear, anxiety, and limiting beliefs
  • Discuss this sensitive topic with patients so you can reach a mutual resolution
  • Resolve your patient’s triad of obstacles in the most time-efficient manner
  • Help patients requiring urgent care reduce their fears and anxieties by 35% in 4 minutes
  • Create a customized plan for each patient that identifies and resolves the root cause of their issues
  • Create an easy-to-follow maintenance protocol

The Fearless Way Certification Program is designed for those clients who prefer a more individualized learning experience so that they can learn the step-by-step program shared in The Well-Referred Dentist faster and more effectively with ample support during implementation. During the certification program Dr. Saleh coaches each client individually using Zoom and additional ongoing support is available in The Fearless Way secret FB Group. Don’t let the fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs of one more patient define your level of success. With The Fearless Way Program as your guiding light you can finally have the practice of your dreams. You can finally see your new patient numbers increase like you have never experienced before. Today is the day that you decide how successful you will be. Take the first step by scheduling a 30 minute free call here.

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My Thank you Gift to You for Reading The Well-Referred Dentist

Thank you for reading my book, The Well-Referred Dentist. To support you in the implementation of The Fearless Way Program in your dental practice, you can download my “Anxiety-Free” Packet below. By simply submitting your name and email address, jump-start your journey to having the practice of your dreams.

The Anxiety-Free Packet includes:

  • Checklist. Follow steps A - Z to keep you organized while implementing The Fearless Way Program in your practice.
  • Sample Letter. Use this letter as a guide to compose your own letters to patients and referral sources, introducing The Fearless Way Program as a new service at your practice.
  • Secret Call. To discover if your practice is missing out on successfully scheduling new patients every day and to schedule your Free Secret Call, reserve a free 30 minute discovery session now. Click here to schedule.
  • Published Article. My own published research article: The Effect of Emotional Freedom Techniques on Patients with Dental Anxiety: A Pilot Study.
  • Resources. A list of my favorite publications, books, and research documents.