Consulting for Dentists

The Business of Dentistry in Real Life.

Are you ready to see your new patient numbers increase and your schedule to be full all the time?

Dr. Saleh offers razor sharp consulting for dentists who are clear about their goals but need guidance on how to achieve them effectively and efficiently. After a detailed and thorough evaluation of where you are now, your business goals and your time period for achieving those goals, Dr. Saleh provides recommendations in the form of strategies for achieving your goals. Each strategy will include action steps and a road map to achieving each goal plus weekly or bi-weekly calls providing support and accountability for completing your recommended action steps.

If this aligns with how you would like to proceed, Dr. Saleh’s consulting services may be just right for you.

Why Choose Dr. Saleh?

Dr. Saleh is creative, entrepreneurial, results-oriented and visionary. She understands and can relate to the challenges and frustrations that you might be experiencing because she has travelled the road that you’re travelling right now. By sharing her research and thirty years of experience and expertise in owning and operating a successful dental practice, she can help you envision ways to improve and upgrade your practice. She can help you solve problems quickly and provide you with fresh, sometimes unconventional solutions and a whole new perspective.

Her research, as shared in her book, The Well-Referred Dentist has shown that 83 percent of patients in a dental practice experience trauma, restlessness, impatience, wrath, rage, fury, frustration and indecision. In The Well-Referred Dentist, she guides you through a proven, step- by-step method, so you can successfully alleviate your patients’ fears and anxieties. Without the negative impact of fear and anxiety, you will gain a practice where your patients will schedule the treatment that you have recommended again and again and will refer others. Dr. Saleh’s areas of consulting expertise include every aspect of compassionate patient care and successful business operation.

Is Consulting Right For You?

If your business is not where you want it to be and you’re ready to reach the next level, you’ve come to the right place. If the practice that you currently have does not match the practice of your dreams, you have found the consultant who can help make your dream practice a reality.

In the practice of your dreams:

  • The problem of dental fear and anxiety is no longer present because you know how to help your patients alleviate their fears and anxieties
  • Your patients are loyal and would never think of searching for a better practice to meet their oral health needs
  • Effective communication skills allow for proper understanding between you and your patients
  • Your patients write 5-star reviews for you and refer their family and friends without you asking. Your new patient numbers are better than you ever imagined they could be.
  • Patients appreciate your clear financial arrangements and are proactive in taking care of their payments before completing treatment
  • Patients place more value on your recommendations than the limitations of their insurance coverage because they trust you
  • Your recommended treatments are accepted and patients schedule right away instead of saying: “I need to talk to my spouse first…”
  • Your team members are loyal, dedicated to you and inspired by you because you know how to hire the best and you know how to be a great leader
  • Your team members follow your office policy and work together as a cohesive team instead of working against you and one another
  • At the same time that you are helping patients and improving their oral health you are meeting your production and collection goals. Your office is wildly profitable!
  • You don’t take your work home with you because you know how to have true work-life balance
  • You take ample time for vacation because you value self-care
  • And more …

Dr. Saleh is dedicated to helping dentists in their lifelong quest to make a positive difference in their patient’s lives.

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