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This is discussed in detail in Dr. Saleh’s book, The Well-Referred Dentist. For a PDF please visit the Contact Us page to send your request.

How each person feels is based on many factors and varies from one person to the next. Some may feel inspired/excited and ready to take on the world while some may feel deeply relaxed and ready to take a nap. The best way to receive the most from your session is to not schedule another appointment right after. You will most likely benefit from having some quiet time to yourself, to reflect and journal or have a cup of tea and enjoy a bit of downtime.

Dr. Saleh has always been an empath but had no idea what that meant. What she knew was that she saw and felt other people’s emotions and energy as though they were her own. Since most of her patients were fearful of dentistry when they first came to her, she was frustrated knowing how traumatized they were and yet couldn’t help them. She had to educate herself so she went back to school while she was still practicing and running her office. The knowledge she gained transformed her life and her patient’s lives. She was finally able to help those who were fearful of dentistry. It changed her practice forever for the better.

Yes. It will do wonders for work-life balance (bonus side-effect: your income will increase).

Schedule a call with Dr. Saleh. During this discovery session you can share the challenges you’re experiencing, the impact of those challenges on your life and your desired goals.


The information about energy medicine and energy psychology is general, educational information. It is not medical, dental or psychological advice. Energy medicine encompasses a variety of techniques for correcting imbalances within a person’s body. It recognizes the influence of thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the human body, and their importance to our physical, spiritual and emotional health and well-being.

While energy medicine seems to offer positive emotional and physical health benefits, it has yet to be fully vetted by Western medicine, including the academic and psychology communities, who consider it experimental. The State of California does not license energy medicine practitioners and considers energy medicine as alternative or complementary to the healing arts licensed by the State of California.